Brand Consulting Strategy Firm

Welcome to Niba a sanctuary for brands seeking to find their unique voice, elevate their image, and make an indelible impact. As your guiding partner, we cherish the individuality of each brand we serve and offer you a luxurious journey through the world of strategic brand enhancement. Strategic Brilliance At Niba, we don’t just position […]


Medical technology, also known as med-tech or health technology, is the use of technology to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases and medical conditions. It encompasses a wide range of devices, equipment, and software, including: The use of med-tech has revolutionized healthcare in many ways, making diagnosis and treatment more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective. Med-tech has […]

Microanimations/Microinteractions for the best UX

How is user experience improved via micro-animations and interactions? Static interfaces have grown old and are now part of the past. There is an increasing demand for great experiences. Micro-interactions have not always existed but now they not only exist but are necessary to provide great User eXperience. It is time to get the conversation […]