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Is all about your business transformation

NIBA is led by Nathalia Tómasdóttir.


Ideas are

nothing without execution.




$ 450.00
  • Defining brand identity and values.
  • Crafting compelling brand stories.
  • Online presence and digital branding
July 2024
Digital Marketing
Effective execution and implementation
Bring your ideas to life.
We refine and execute them.
Feedback & collaboration
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Help with executing on your business idea.

Need a Brand?

Strategy Consultant Services

Get Results
See Results Happen When You Start Using The Right Strategy

Think of your business like a ship; a strong brand is the compass that keeps you on course. It is more than just a nice logo it is what makes customers pick you over the competition again and again.

Let’s work together to make your brand something people love and remember, helping your business sail smoothly towards success.

Your website is like your online handshake, it is how you say “hello” to the world.

A great site makes people want to know you better, stick around, and even become loyal customers.

Let’s create a website that’s not just good-looking, but also easy to use, turning those online hellos into lasting relationships.

Think of digital marketing as your business’s megaphone to the online world.

Let’s amplify your message with a smart strategy that helps your business reach the right people, turning clicks into customers and followers into fans.

Ongoing support is like having a handy friend who is always there when things get tricky. With a membership, you don’t have to worry, you will always have someone to help you out.

Let’s make running your business easier with the right support, whenever you need it 

Is all about your business transformation

Elevate your business and establish a brand name to ensure recognition​

Stefán Þorvarðarson

Data Architect

Expert in data modelling, data integration, metadata management, and data security

Our mission

Simply help startups, visionary entrepreneurs, creatives, media personalities, and analytical thinkers in need of a meaningful product transformation.

We Value

The truth about your brand

We offer

Elegant, thoughtful strategies that really work.

We Care About

Every interaction is a testament to our unwavering commitment, where your triumphs are the echoes of our diligence. We navigate challenges together, transforming them into shared victories. Our dedication to your success is not just a service; it's the very essence of our purpose, creating a symbiotic partnership where their journey and ours converge in a symphony of achievements.

Let's Get Creative.


Reykjavik, Iceland

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